All images on our website are produced and assembled in LEDTIME Engineering.

Why LEDTIME Engineering?

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction as Led Time Engineering comes first. All of your requests will be fully fulfilled during our installation and training.

Minimum Failure Rate

With our corporate designs and 12 years of sectoral experience, we provide services with international certificated, guaranteed products and numerous references in public and private sector.

Free Exploration

Your exploration request for each region of Turkey are provided by our professional team, completely free of charge.If you are outside the Turkey , you can contact us and request a exploration.

7 / 24 Support

We provide all of our users with 24/7 support along with our professional technical team for projecting and usage training.


Indoor Led Screen

It is used in many different places such as textile companies, TV studios, corporate companies, institutions, fairs, stores, concerts, fashion shows etc. Close watching feature and the opportunity to easily display all of your products have started to be among the main choices of all businesses.

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Outdoor Led Screen

It has recently taken the place of all advertising tools used in the outdoors. Through to its dynamic data exchange feature, it is a step ahead of old technologies. It has huge usage are such as outdoor advertising, municipal information displays, government agencies facade, elections etc..

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Stadium Scoreboard

It is an advanced scoreboard led display suitable for international stadium specifications used in new generation stadiums. These displays, which can work both indoor sports halls and outdoor sports halls, have high brightness and stylish visual design suitable for all sports branches.

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Mobile Led Screen

Mobile Screens is a new advertising tool that has reached many sectors through to its portability in recent years. These mobile tool screens, which are mostly used in the selection work, are also widely used by the organization companies. It’s a search for all businesses that need to advertise.

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For free on-site exploration and projecting


High Level Brightness

The high quality LEDs used in our LED screens make for brilliant brightness

Easy Assembling

Modular mounting system under favor of advanced cabinets

European Standards

Power and display system is appropriate to European standards

High Definition

High resolution LED displays under favor of 1.6 trillion different color tones and high refresh rate


Our high-safety screens are explosion-proof and resistant to breakage

Long-Life LED

Long LED life with Gold Wire technology

Energy Saving

Very low energy consumption under favor of new generation technology

Waterproof Design

Waterproof design with international insulation standards

Low Level Failure Rate

Low failure rate due to high copper use of TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) standards
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